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Artist Statement (s):


I am an evangelist without a creed; a moralist without a program.
My pulpit is the easel.


Using varying degrees of abstraction, my paintings explore the psych and its cultural expression.

My painting methodology involves the melding of the gestural (intuitive) with the programmed (rational) using the techniques of "sgraffito," glazing and palimpsest (applied to multiple acrylic images).

A work reaches completion when I think the emotional and intellectual (content) aspects are in interesting counter-point. Occasionally "Signor Discordia" dominates and balanced counter-point as a goal is suspended while the vigor and shock of discordancy prevails.


The initial stages of paintings I consider successful originate below conscious thought from to state the obvious, art I've admired, loved or hated, the visual and auditory impressions of a lifetime, faded memories and exposure to the media bombardment of current events.

As a painting developes spontaneously I begin to make conscious decisions as to color, form, line and design until I feel a degree of satisfaction with the work. Or, as often happens, it reaches a blind alley and the only way out is to re-gesso and start anew. Thus, most of my paintings are multiple layers with thick historical textures. As a consequesce, the number of my completed works from the past 25 years is not large.

In recent years I've come to believe I can never finish; that experiment and discovery only lead to more work.


Painting is Rescue.
Painting is Wonder.
Painting is Meditation.

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